How to Help Kids Work on Their Own

The typical picture of homeschooling is a parent leaning over a child who is writing in a notebook. But what happens when parents are too busy to hover over their kids all day? Maybe they need to get some housekeeping done, or care for younger siblings. Sometimes it’s because they have to deal with family issues, or work at a paying job, at home or outside. Whatever the reason, it’s not unusual to find homeschooling children doing schoolwork on their own.

Just like schoolkids do in a classroom with one teacher and 30 students. Or when they’re doing their homework. In many homeschooling families older students take charge of their own learning. It’s good practice if they choose to go on to college. But even young children — with the right structure and realistic expectations — can work productively without constant supervision. If you want your children to be able to keep working even when you’re not by their side, you’ve got some options.