Writing Papers

Writing Papers

Enhance your grades with tips for writing the most common paper assignments. Write more interesting biographies, more informative book reviews, and more thorough research papers.

Research Papers and Procrastination

The good books go missing : Everybody who has ever done a research paper has suffered from this problem. Somebody out there is bound to be researching the same topic as you are, and sure as you’re living, they’re going to check out all the good books.

The good books are at a different library: You find a few perfect books, but they are from a library in another part of the state. You can probably get them through interlibrary loan, but that will take at least a week!

You find a topic you like, but you just can’t get the research to support it: This happens a lot; you can only find one or two references for your topic. Now, it looks like you’ll have to find a new subject to write about. The days and weeks are passing fast, and it’s panic time! It looks like you’ll have to rush through the assignment now. What if your new topic doesn’t pan out, either?

You put your research off for a week, and then you get sick: Don’t tempt fate; this happens all the time. Have you ever tried to read a difficult book with a fever, chills, and headache? Ouch. The earlier you start, the more time you’ll have to proof read, revise and enjoy! Just think, you’ll be the envy of your friends if you finish your paper a week ahead of time. You won’t have to miss out on the big game or a party on the night before your due date (like some of your friends).